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Arizona Sonora News Service:

Arizona public records aren’t so public
High-speed internet could reach half of Arizona rural schools
Rural schools are struggling, and Ducey’s budget won’t fix it
Sexism in Arizona politics might be here to stay
A new bill could pave the way to gold
Arizonans ask for regulation rollbacks on taxes, water-use, hotdogs
Arizona law enforcement might now back up Trump’s immigration order
Committee curbs principal powers over high school student media
Ducey’s ‘Miracle Drug’ could be costly
Teacher pay, not certification, needs reform, educators say


Why Don’t Food And Housing Count As Health Care?
Trump’s Victory Could Be Making IUDs Even More Popular
Americans Love Early Voting, And It Might Help Clinton

Don’t Hold Your Breath For Gender Parity In Congress – It Could Take Another 100 Years
Your Finale Debate Briefing Book: The Politics
Your Finale Debate Briefing Book: The Policies


Bottle Magazine:

Definitive proof that ‘Mr. Brightside’ is the song of our generation
Bottle Bitches Book Club: My relationship with ‘Half the Sky’
Happy Valentines Day from that guy on Tinder
Happy one year anniversary
10 years that were actually worse than 2016
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Bruised and burned: The trials and tribulations of a pole dancing class
I tried anti gravity yoga and now I can’t feel my thigh
The Rosie Scale: Star Wars
Starving Artist #2: Foxx Bodies
On Fight, Flight or Freeze
How To: Harvesting the powers of the full moon
On Coming Out

On Our Launch

The Tucson Sentinel:

On the ground at the Women’s March on Washington
Judicial candidate Frisby’s campaign raffles may be illegal

The Arizona Daily Star:

I’ve never felt so safe surrounded by half-a-million people
Orderly Trump rally in Phoenix targets Democrats, gun control
Trump tells crowd he’ll solve problem of radical Islamic terrorists
Cruz wins delegate tug of war at Arizona convention
Oro Valley puts texting-while-driving ban on hold
Oro Valley to consider texting-while-driving ban
West University doesn’t want Tucson homeless shelter
Supporters, protesters clash at Tucson Trump rally
New parents could get 6 weeks paid leave if county changes rules
Tucson to roll out bike-share program

Survey says Tucson likes parks, but would voters OK park tax?

Sister Jose’s plans women’s shelter in West University
Sick-leave discussions reveal deep divisions in Tucson

The Sierra Vista Herald:

Buena cheer grad making most of UA experience
Life lessons: Bracamonte credits big success to growing up small town

The Arizona Daily Wildcat:

Arts & Life:
Tucson Jams: Feel the blues with local musician Tom Walbank
Tucson Jams: The first jam session at the Rat Trap featured Bird Violence, Bansheebeat and Buried For A Day
Tucson Jams: A jam session with Deacon doesn’t always live up to the hype

The 13 best protest songs of all time
Tucson Jams: The Bryan Dean Trio

Presidential anthems: A rundown on the walk-up songs of the remaining candidates
The Monsanto Years revives Young the family
Spring Break playlist that mixes old, new
The official Daily Wildcat study playlist

Pima Community College aims to decrease gun violence
Americans cast dollars, not votes
Barber’s request to count ballots denied by Judge
McSally, Barber spar amid rowdy crowd
College Republicans ‘Say Yes To The Dress’
Martha McSally talks student debt
Ron Barber talks student debt
Local candidates take stance on education
Fewer Arizona voters at polls cause issues
Social media catching a ride to space in 2016

401 Reviews:

The Kinky History of the Man Behind ‘Wonder Woman’